Weathering Solutions, Rust Leeches Medium Light Decals

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Part Number:: 1107-MLT
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Manufacture: Weathering Solutions

This product is a must for covered hoppers with permanent attached rooftop catwalks. This item allows for "tucking" up under the walkways. Take the frustration out of errant downward brushstrokes.

Decal film is ultra thin and blends easy, yet provides rigid durability that allows for perfect positioning and repositioning on model before allowing to dry and of course before applying decal setting solution Also makes for realistic rust on concrete bridge pillars with overhead iron works.
  • 1 sheet (8½" × 5½") uncut decal set
  • high-quality, invisible waterslide film
  • create unique and authentic-looking results in just minutes
  • various sizes available – mix and match to suit your needs

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