Thumler's Tumbler - Tru Square, Model A-R12 In Mailer Rock Tumbler

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Manufacture: Tru-Square Metal Products
UPC: 051442100162
INCLUDES: One Model A-R12 Rock Tumbler
One Instruction Sheet/Booklet
One Red Steel Base
One Idler Shaft & Drive Shaft w/Vinyl rollers
One Hexagon Barrel (Rubber)
One Motor
All Wing Nuts and Washers

FEATURES: Heavy duty, professional quality tumbler
Fully detailed instruction booklet (learn how to identify rocks
that can be polished, the various types of rocks, and more)
Large more powerful motor--continuous duty (approximately 7 days,
24 hours a day), fan-cooled with overload protection
Black Rubber hexagon barrel
Red steel base (approximately 11"x11")

SPECS: 12 Pound Capacity (5 Year guarantee on barrel)

COMMENTS: This kit DOES NOT include jewelry findings, stones, grit,
pre-polish, or polish

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