Infinity Race Set TTP MG+

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Manufacture: AFX
UPC: 053941210168
FEATURES: 8.5 feet of running track                                            
          Includes everything you need to race                                 
          Tri-Power Pack - 3 power levels let you race at your own speed       
          High speed cornering action                                          
          Over-under racing                                                    
          Mega G+ chassis                                                       
          Phosphor bronze pickup shoes                                         
          Directional power pack                                               
          EZ plug controllers                                                  
          Detailed cars included                                               
          Easy assembly                                                        
INCLUDES: Two Mega G slot cars                                                 
          Two hand controllers                                                 
          1 terminal track 15"                                                 
          1 straight track 15"                                                 
          6 curve track 9"R, 1/4                                               
          6 guard rails                                                        
          2 bridge (low)                                                       
          1 tune-up kit                                                        
          1 Tri-Power pack                                                     
SPECS:    Scale: HO  1/87

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