DCC Concepts, Cobalt Turnout Motor - Single
DCC Concepts, Cobalt Turnout Motor - Single

DCC Concepts, Cobalt Turnout Motor - Single

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A high quality DC motor driven actuator created to be the best product available for turnout or signal control in any modelling scale from N to O.

* Cobalt is smaller yet much stronger:

While it is only 45% of the physical volume of its nearest competitor, it has a much higher gear ratio, superior throw strength and far greater stability than any other similar product at the end of throw.

* Cobalt is quieter and more robust:

The design has been made much stronger than all of its competitors yet it is quiet in operation. We did this by choosing higher quality plastics and specifying a heavy walled internal design that adds to stability while lowering mechanism resonances. Gears are specifically tooled for Cobalt and are made with the best available material which is fibre reinforced nylon for quiet operation, incredible reliability and long life.

* Cobalt is voltage tolerant & low current:

Even at its maximum, at recommended voltages it draws only 30mA (that is a tiny 30 thousandths of an amp) yet it works well at 6v and very, very strongly at anywhere between 9 volts... and 15 volts DC.

Cobalt can be powered via a small “wall wart” type power supply and it can be switched by standard latching type switches, short term power such as pushbuttons or it can even be automated simply via use of DPDT relays.

Cobalt is totally comfortable with DCC decoders and any of the low power “stall type” accessory decoder with reversing power ability can be used. Additionally, by adding diodes, AC output DCC decoders with adequate supply voltages and adjustable pulse length can be used.

This power supply versatility, combined with very high gearing and variable fulcrum make it as tough or as gentle as it needs to be yet allows it to remain far more stable than any other turnout motor at the “end of throw”... whether the power is left on constantly or turned off once the work is done.

* Cobalt is very, very versatile in use and includes two SPDT switches

Because it will not relax even a bit at the end of throw Cobalt can be powered by almost ANY method that can deliver DC power and is compatible with almost every DC output DCC accessory decoder ever made.

Cobalt has two inbuilt SPDT “break before make” switches for frog power switching, panel lights, feedback or any other related control need. They are able to handle higher power than competitive products and are exceptionally reliable even under adverse conditions thanks to very positive and strong pressure formed phosphor bronze wipers and gold plated wiper contact areas.

Because of the very  high gearing it is even easy to stop Cobalt mid-throw for control of 3 position semaphore signals and 3 way stub turnout operation! 

Cobalt has also been designed from the ground up for either horizontal or vertical mounting which Makes it the perfect device for railway crossing barriers and proper control of delicate semaphore signals too.

* Cobalt has a positive but gentle and almost totally silent Action:

Because of its extremely powerful high ratio gearing it is equally effective when used as either a stall type or short term power device and does not relax at all at the end of throw.

Incredibly powerful as it is, it’s also designed to be gentle when needed and so the degree of pressure and range of  its throw has been made easy to adjust over a wide range... Therefore extremely positive and silent action is there by design - whenever it is needed and consistently gentle treatment of your turnouts, signals or other items is absolutely guaranteed by design.

* Cobalt is easy to install.

Each Cobalt turnout motor comes complete with everything needed including the screws needed to fix it to the baseboard (We even supply 5 just in case you lose one). ....and we have also created a wide accessory range including pre-prepared switching.

Cobalt has been designed to be installed vertically for turnout operation or horizontally for semaphore signal or for things like vertical crossing boom actuation.

The actuator wire is of the correct stiffness for reliable turnout throw and has been pre-formed for easy mounting.

We’ve even designed a template that makes it dead easy to get it right the very first time in any scale... Used from above, with the drill kept vertical, it will result in the creation of ready-made accurate pilot holes for you to use when mounting Cobalt.

The fulcrum bar has a series of offset holes too, so if you DO manage to get it wrong... You can easily adjust the left/right bias of the throw simply by changing which hole the wire passes through!

Where a turnout or signal is close to a layout brace or if a standard direct linkage is not possible, it is simple to arrange Cobalt so that it provides an offset drive via a simple cranked wire arrangement (shown in our “tips” pages in the downloadable manual).

 * Cobalt needs NO soldering.

Its no fun soldering under the baseboard... and edge connectors are hard to find and always expensive.

Cobalt has a very high quality 8 way solder-less connector that doesn't even need a screwdriver to give you a perfect connection in moments. (you may find a small blade type driver or similar tool a handy tool for helping with the “Push to insert” connector though)

If you DO prefer to solder... You can of course - And to make even that an easy and safe task...we have purposely chosen a connector which uses TWO solder points per connection point, so you can solder to one of these with no risk to the integrity of the connector or point motor, and the solder resist over all parts of the board other than the solder pad mean there is little chance of bridging connections.

* Installation template available

A metal template is available for precise installation for turnout control in all scales. The template allows you to establish perfect position & create pilot holes for mounting screws from ABOVE the baseboard with zero stress. Its even supplied with the correct size of pilot drill to use with it!

* Cobalt is incredibly reliable.

High quality engineering plastic, top quality gold plated 1.6mm fibreglass PCBs and very careful design make it bulletproof... So we can very confidently give Cobalt the best warranty ever!

Cobalt is Guaranteed for Life!

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